Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4-Tray Seed Sprouter by VICTORIO VKP1200

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Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4-Tray Seed Sprouter by VICTORIO VKP1200

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Brand: Victorio

  • SPROUTS READY IN 3-5 DAYS: Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups
  • VARIETY: Grow multiple types of sprouting seeds at the same time
  • SEEDS STAY IN PLACE: Hydrophobic water flow method insures seeds won’t move during germination
  • NO MORE SEED CLUMPING: Unlike what often happens with conventional irrigation systems
  • READY TO START: Instruction Manual and 1 oz. pack of Organic Alfalfa Seeds included

BPA Free Plastic

FDA Approved food-grade clarified polypropylene plastic. This BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic is made in the USA.

Reservoir Lid

This unique lid allows you to water your sprouts without displacing them.

Hydrophobic Irrigation

This patent-pending design allows the water to flow throughout each tray and from tray to tray, providing the perfect amount of moisture for sprouting.

Multiple Trays

The sprouter comes with 4 sprouting trays, but you can stack up to 10 trays per base. Multiple trays allow for a larger crop of sprouts or even multiple varieties of sprouts.


The Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4-Tray Seed Sprouter Advantage

Grow Fresh Sprouts in 3 to 5 Days

Grow nutritious sprouts from seeds and legumes-year round! – in this BPA-Free sprouting system. No soil required.

  • No soil, sun or green thumb needed
  • Hydrophobic Drip Irrigation design
  • Uses less water
  • 4 – 6” diameter stackable sprouting trays
  • Moisture control lid and drain basin
  • Made in USA