48"x48"x72" Indoor Weed Grow Tent Roof Cube Observation Window


48"x48"x72" Indoor Weed Grow Tent Roof Cube Observation Window

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48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent Roof Cube Observation Window

  • LIGHT-PROOF: The 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent obstructs all light from getting away; On the inside, a 98%- reflective mylar lining allows your lights to be extra effective at any power arrangement
  • EXTRA-THICK CANVAS: One touch will encourage you of our canvas’ top-notch: the 600D polyester material is tear-proof as well as double-stitched for the complete light clog
  • DURABILITY: Featured with a roofing system, our weed grow tent stands well, supported by an easy-connect, tough steel framework especially ended up to ensure smooth installation and also safe handling
  • EASY ACCESSIBILITY: Do not toss your back out looking at your plants! Our easy-access door unzips smoothly and also our monitoring window makes it very easy and also comfy to peek within without disturbing your set-up
  • SIMPLE SETUP: The 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent is easy to install, even if it is your very first time; No devices needed, just fit each steel post into place as well as curtain the tent around the frame
  • Measuring 72-inch high, our 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent likewise provide you a slope roof setup.
60"x60"x72" Indoor Weed Grow Tent Observation Window
60″x60″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent Observation Window


48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent

Make best use of area with the variety of 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent that allow you to grow in attics, loft space areas, cellars or rooms with reduced ceilings.

Long lasting and solid metal post with easy-click ports.

Dual socked cable fit all sized ducting.

What’s included in package:

  1. Grow tents body
  2. Steel posts as well as connector
  3. Filter bands
  4. Flooring tray
  5. Hanging bar

Thick Material:

  • High tensile toughness as well as tear-proof thick 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Weed Grow Tent product
  • Ultra gas and also fragrance barrier
  • Very reflective mylar with premium 98% reflectivity + less locations
  • Superior light dispersal
  • The 48″x48″x72″Indoor Weed Grow Tent is very easy to install even if you’ve never done something such as this prior to: no devices needed!

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