Wacky Wednesday: Stained Glass Window Garden

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Wacky Wednesday! is here. Today we are bringing you a picture of plants that will not fit in your grow tent kit. You would need a lot more than our selection of grow tents to grow the plants needed for this wacky and majestic garden. However, it is important to show you the amount of potential that you are able to pull off. You may start small, but you anyone can grow their stock into this size of masterpiece.

Although this picture if far away, if you were to zoom in, you can see the precision that the gardener went to, in order to create such a beautiful stained glass window garden. It’s also worth noting how the colors play on the eye. The gardener of this stained glass window garden really knew how to compliment each color in the garden.

Stained Glass Window Garden
Stained Glass Window Garden

It’s a real work of art to see how the designer was able to make their garden look like a stained glass window garden. The symmetry and sheer size is an amazing feat in itself. It’s safe to say this gardener has been away from grow tent kits for a good amount of time. Oh you need a grow tent? Come here.

We also carry a nice supply of germination kits, grow lights, ventilation, and many more things that will get you and your green thumb active. Maybe you’re your thumb isn’t so green, but I bet you have a friend or relative who does and I also would guess you need to get them something for Christmas. Or maybe your friend is working on their own stained glass window garden as we speak.

What do you think about this garden? Would you like it in your backyard? Let us know and share this stained glass window garden with friends!