Hundreds of appeals in Missouri over Medical Marijuana Licensing

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Companies whom have been denied permits to grow, sell, and/or distribute medical marijuana in Missouri have filed, in total, over 800 appeals.

Missouri’s process to launch their new medical marijuana program has received thousands of applications (over 2,000) by more than 700 different groups. The state approved 338 permits for companies to open dispensaries, grow cannabis, or make weed-infused products.

On Friday, spokeswoman Vicki Hale said that 845 appeals were received by the state’s Administrative Hearing Commission.

I guess people want to be able to enter the weed market. It makes sense too since it is such a blossoming market (see what I did there). 🙂

The state hired Wise Health Solutions, based in Nevada, to handle scoring the applications that the state received from businesses. Most of the appeals received argue that the scoring system for issuing permits is flawed.

Some rejected applicants claim that the system assigned different scores for the same answers.

Good ol’ technology appears to be at the heart of this problem. Personally, I hope that they are able to figure it out soon so the great people of Missouri are able to join the future of the nation.


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