Freaky Friday: The Bleeding Tooth Fungus

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Freaky Friday! is upon us. For this Freaky Friday, we did NOT hold back. Today we are bringing you one of the freakiest and most interesting fungus that we found this past week. Its called the bleeding tooth fungus. And it looks a little something like this…

bleeding tooth fungus
The Bleeding Tooth Fungus

The bleeding tooth fungus is typically found in the Pacific Northwest region. It is most visible when mushrooms and other fungus grow in the Fall. It’s scientifically recognized as Hydnellum peckii. Some other common names for it include, “devil’s tooth” and “strawberries-and-cream”. However, don’t be fooled by such a sweet name. The bleeding tooth fungus is nothing that should be eaten. It should be noted that this fungus is not poisonous. You can very well ingest it and survive. The goal is to keep the ecosystem intact. This is a main contributor to the ecosystem.

This fungus can grow in any shape too. Here is another picture of how it can look.

The devil's tooth
The Devil’s Tooth

Isn’t that jell wild!? I can see why some name it “strawberries-and-creme”. That makes it unfortunate that we cannot eat it. At least the bleeding tooth fungus is visually interesting. Oh and while you’re here, check out our grow tent kits. You can click here.

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Either way, we are glad that you came to check out my input on the bleeding tooth fungus. If you found this article interesting, please share it with friends! We want to spread awareness about this fascinating fungus. We also want to make sure people are not accidentally ingesting this strawberry-and-creme.

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