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Welcome to My Grow Tent Kits! We know that you will find everything you need to start your own growing operation. We know this because we have so much more than just these kits on our site. We know that you don’t just need the grow tent, but also need germination kits, lighting kits, and ventilation kits. Our products, from these kits to the germination kits are the best available on the market and therefore the world. The kits we offer are the best for a vast number of reasons. We hand select our tent kits, germination kits, lighting kits, and ventilation kits with you in mind! We understand that you want the best kits and we know that you deserve the best grow tent kits, so that’s what we are giving you.


Most of our grow tent kits, but not all, come with lights, ventilation, hydroponics and much more! We know how important it is to you to have a clean safe grow tent kit. That’s why it’s our promise to you that we will always select and make the best kits available to you. If there are kit items that you do not see on our site, contact us and we will direct you to someone who is able to help fit your operation needs. This also gives us insight into knowing how we can accommodate our grow tent customers even more! We are always trying to increase our grow tent, ventilation, germination, thermometer, and lighting inventory, thus we are always listening to you, the customer, for any suggestions on products you might like to see on our site. Since it is us providing these new products, you will know that the products are unrivaled in the market.


Since our tent kits are the best in the world, you can rest assured that no other person or company will be out competing you in this field. Know that when you start your business with us, we understand that there are millions of things that can go wrong and we want your operation to be perfect and the item that will be sturdy and resilient. We know your grow tent is the anchor of your operation. As many things can go wrong in a business, you do not want the cornerstone to have any change to sway in the wind. This is why we made it our business to give you the best tent kits for your business or hobby. So please look through our inventory and see if there’s anything that you like. If you have any questions, reach out to us.


We stand behind all of our products. We want your success to be as quick and as smooth as growingly (that is now a word) possible. Come and try our tent kits and see for yourself! Or, if you don’t want to spend that much money on a grow tent just yet, try our other products! We have competitively priced products for all aspects of your grow tent. We supply things as small as light bulbs to thermometers. So if you do not purchase a grow tent kit, we know from the lighting, to the germination, to the ventilation, we know that we will not let you down.

It’s truly amazing how many different plants you are able to grow in these tents. Just make sure that you are only using legal plants – not that we would know. These tent kits are nicely designed to support complete marijuana setups for you to start at home growing. But seriously, this is suppose to be either your hobby or business, so make sure you are enjoying it the best you can. Why make it a hassle to get the products you need to enjoy your time here. Again, these grow tents are a good setup for complete marijuana or any plant you wish to grow indoors. Why limit yourself to marijuana. You can have any thing you wish growing in these tents. The only thing we do not supply, is the marijuana itself. However, everything else you need, can be found here.


If you don’t need an entire kit, that’s okay! We individually sell lighting, ventilation, germination and grow tents! We have light bulbs and thermometers to track and set the temperature in your grow tent. We also sell these products in kits and the individual parts in case you need a more personal touch. Every grow tent setup is unique and we want to help you in your grow tent journey every step of the way!

And if you do not know anything about grow tent kits or growing in general, check out this Wikipedia page about it!